Top 9 Crypto Trading Bots for Binance in 2024

Crypto trading bots are automated software that helps you buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the correct time. Crypto traders use these bots to automate their investments and maximize their profits while trading, similar to how stock traders may use stock trading bots.

Crypto bots are primarily designed to increase revenue and reduce losses and risks. With these applications, you can manage all your crypto exchange accounts in one place. Several such programs provide you easy access to trade for Binance, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

In this guide, I will share the top crypto trading bots in 2024 that are compatible with Binance Currency. Furthermore, I’ll define all the features, benefits, packages, and how they work.

So let me discuss some top bots in 2021 that are compatible with Binance trading.

Best Crypto Trading Bots for Binance

1. Bitsleader

Bitsleader is the Best Time saving automated crypto trading platform launched in 2020. It is exclusively the leading crypto trading bot/portfolio management tool for finance. Easy to use & self-hosted for future & spot trading. It allows backtesting and fully automating your strategies by trading robots running on our high-end servers. It is a cryptocurrency social trading platform built for simple portfolio management & AI trading. 

Bitsleader is an automated portfolio management tool designed for people who can’t afford to look at the market 24/7. Bitsleader allows the traders to sleep peacefully, whether it’s a long-term investors or short-term. 

Bitsleader is the ultimate automated tool for crypto traders to maximize trading profits while minimizing risk and loss. Bitsleader’s AI signal bot generates insane gains with over 80-85% success ratio. Now you can trade futures without having to worry about liquidations. It allows backtest and fully automates your strategies by trading robots running on our high-end servers.

Bitsleader is one of the Best Mobile friendly automated crypto trading platforms. It is one of the best AI trading platforms that allow non-experienced users to trade on crypto without worrying about market conditions.

You can Take Profit and Stop Loss without no longer worrying about the next crash or spike by using Bitsleader. Bitsleader has protection against quick pump and dump. Furthermore, You can customize your Bitsleader bot to execute orders according to your unique trading strategy.

Bitsleader Key Features

  1. Smart AI Trading System
  2. Dump and Pump protection
  3. Spot Trading
  4. Future Trading
  5. Portfolio Tracking
  6. Trading Analytics
  7. Buy/Sell Suggestions
  8. High Security
  9. Market Technical Analysis
  10. Demo Trading
  11. Low Pricing
  12. Ease of Use
  13. Market Signals
  14. Referrals Advantage
  15. 24/7 Instant Support

Supported Exchanges with Bitsleader:

Binance and claimed to offer which are used mainly by the traders.

2. Bitsgap

Bitsgap is a cloud-based all-in-one crypto trading platform that allows users to manage multiple trading accounts via one unified interface. It integrates with more than 30 crypto exchanges via an API, launched in February 2018. Rather than needing to log in to 10 different exchange sites, users can monitor and trade more than 10,000 crypto-currency pairs from one dashboard instead of visiting each exchange separately.

Bitsgap offers many easy-to-understand trading tools, including automated bots to set up buying and selling strategies to generate profits from price movements. Services include arbitrage, portfolio management, tracking positions in connected exchanges, tracking order statuses, and order status monitoring. With smart trades, you can place take profit and stop-loss orders simultaneously, make quick changes to orders on the chart, and track market anomalies with alerts.

Supported Exchanges with Bitsgap:

Binance, Livecoin, Poloniex, Exmo, Yobit, The rock trading, Wex, Bitfinex,,, OKEX, Huobi, HitBTC, Kucoin, CEX.10, Poloniex, Coinbene,, CoinEx, Gemini, Gate.10, Liquid, LBANK, Bibox, Bit-Z, DDEX BIGone, Bithumb

3. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is a cloud-based crypto asset trading platform. The platform offers a Strategy Designer, allowing users to create strategies, follow ‘experts’, or purchase a strategy template from the Marketplace. Using the Strategy Designer, users can create a plan by selecting up to thirty technical indicators and 90 candlestick patterns. Cryptohopper’s automated backtesting software can quickly test, rate, and deploy a cryptocurrency trading strategy.

Paper trading is available on the platform, so traders can validate their strategies without risking capital. In addition, features such as artificial intelligence-powered historical backtesting, trailing stop losses, stop buys and stop shorts, Dollar Cost Averaging, using multiple exchanges, and performance reports to identify best performing strategies and signals are also included. CryptoHopper has an active community, a comprehensive tutorial section, and a learning academy with video courses with tips on using the platform.

Supported Exchanges with Cryptopper:

Binance, Binance US, BitFinex, Bittrex, Bitvavo, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Huobi, , KuCoin, OKEx, Poloniex, and BitPanda Pro.

4. 3Commas

3Commas is an online trading bot launched in 2017 and is tailored to all levels of expertise. 3Commas is one of the leading trading platforms on the market. There are thirteen top cryptocurrency exchanges where your bot can be used, including Coinbase Pro, Binance, and BitMEX. The 3Commas trading bot lets you build your own strategies from the ground up or buy pre-existing strategies from the online Marketplace.

Its strategies, orders, and triggers are so numerous that 3Commas is popular among advanced investors. Furthermore, the Marketplace features pre-built trading algorithms, so it can also be helpful to new traders.

The platform offers users a constantly expanding set of functionalities, and the number of exchanges linked to it is constantly growing. The user-friendly interface, the ability to reproduce other people’s trades, and a broad functionality to create your own strategies make 3Commas an excellent cryptocurrency trading solution both for experienced traders and beginners alike.

The 3Comma’s trading bots have different settings, allowing any trader to customize them to their needs. There are bots ready to trade for beginners, while for experienced traders, custom strategies can be created.

Note: 3 commas offers free 3 days of FULL access and the ability to use it for free

Supported Exchanges with 3commas:

The trading tools provided by the 3Commas platform are supported by 23 major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bitmex, Okex, Coinbase Pro and many more.

5. Shrimpy

Shrimpy was introduced to the market in 2018 and has quickly gained traction among trading communities. The founders decided to offer a free service to attract consumers who could not afford expensive bots. This is why they provide a good range of services for free.

Shrimpy is a social trading platform made for cryptocurrency. Using this application, you can improve performance and reduce risk through automated trading strategies. It helps you build portfolio strategy, track performance, and monitor the market.

You can get all the portfolio tracking features of the Hodler trading bot for free if you use Shrimpy. The professional version starts at $13/month, and the enterprise version is priced separately.

You can use a demo account to test your investment options. You can copy an expert’s trades using social trading. When you spread your money across several different exchanges, this platform allows you to consolidate your investments.

Supported Exchanges with Shrimpy:

Binance, KuCoin, Binance US, Bittrex, Bittrex Global, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Poloniex, Gemini, Bitbox, BitMart, Huobi Global, HitBTC, OKEx, Bitstamp, Bitfinex.

6. BitUniverse/Pionex

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that has built-in trading bots. To provide its users with the “ultimate trading experience”, BitUniverse and Pionex have partnered up. As a result of this collaboration, Pionex users can use BitUniverse’s Trailing Take Profit Bot and Grid Trading Bot. Users of BitUniverse can log into the Pionex platform using their BitUniverse account.

Pionex uses a maker-taker fee schedule, which means that you’ll pay a fee when you place trades that “make” market liquidity and when they “take” it away. If you place a trade that isn’t immediately matched by an outstanding order on the books, you’ll pay the maker fee. You will pay the taker fee if your trade order matches an outstanding order immediately.

Supported Exchanges:

22+ including Binance, Huobi global, Pionex.

7. CryptoHero

CryptoHero is a free crypto trading bot powered by artificial intelligence that is easy to set up and run for crypto beginners. With this free app, you can easily automate all your trading from your phone. You don’t need any coding skills.

CryptoHero is a unique platform with a website and a beautiful user experience. Their mobile app, however, is even better. Downloading the app is easy, and it doesn’t load slowly, overheat your device, or take up much memory.

There is a simple tutorial on the app for creating your first bot and investing. You can view your active orders, realized profits, W/L ratio, and total trade number on the Deals tab, split into In Progress and Completed. On the Dashboard tab, you can track your active orders, realized gains, and W/L ratio. It’s easy to access all your information without digging through a confusing interface.

Supported Exchanges:

Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, FTX, Kraken, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Gate.IO

8. TradeSanta

Cloud-based TradeSanta has an excellent reputation, but it’s still relatively new. As well as supporting basic order types, the automated bot is also capable of executing more complex strategies. Although some functions may be hard to learn, you will be able to use them once you become accustomed.

Its features may not be as extensive as others on this list, but it offers plenty of free services and high-quality services. A total of 7 exchanges are currently supported by TradeSanta, with BitMEX coming soon.

The TradeSanta site has also improved quality of life, such as improved stability and faster loading times.

Supported Exchanges to TradeSanta:

Binance, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, etc.

9. Gunbot

Gunbot (also known as Gunthy) counts over 6,000 active traders. It is compatible with MAC, Linux, and Windows platforms, so you should have no issues installing it on your computer.

Gunbot takes your privacy seriously – it does not use cloud storage. Installing software doesn’t collect any data on your usage. Gunbot is currently supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ARM.

The most recent software does not require high resources – you can run it on an old laptop or a Raspberry Pi. Payments are accepted through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Gunbot works on 100+ supported exchanges.

The latest update to Gunbot includes several new features, such as support for Kraken forex trading pairs, a new trading strategy (grid trading for margin/futures exchanges), and full Binance futures support. Furthermore, all 100+ of CCXT’s spot trading exchanges are now supported.

Supported Exchanges with Gunbot:

Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Bittrex, Hitbtc, Bitfinex, Cobinhood, Bitmex, Huobi,, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro, Tradingview.

Why You Should Consider Using a Bitcoin Trading Bot

Market volatility is a common characteristic of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it never closes. Trading bitcoins and cryptocurrencies wisely can bring very high profits, but it can also increase the risk of significant losses. Some of these risks can be mitigated with a bitcoin trading bot. Bots, unlike humans, only make trades based on the latest data and trends, so emotions and impulses are eliminated from the decision-making process.

Additionally, bots can operate around the clock, so users can trade even while they’re asleep or otherwise occupied. Besides being able to work faster, trading bots are also more efficient than humans. These programs analyze data and can execute trades using multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.

Several trading bots are available in the market, some for free and some in exchange for a subscription fee.

Bits Leader

A crypto trading bot automates your trading strategy. As a result, it reduces the risks to traders and gives them an edge over manual traders. By using a trading bot, you can trade 24x7 without being involved, as it automatically executes orders based on your configured strategy.

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