Bitsleader Affiliate Commission Program of 2024

Crypto affiliate commission is a marketing program in which you promote a service or product, and if people sign up and buy through your link, you receive a commission in Bitcoins (BTC). There may be different types and ways to earn this affiliate commission.

Bitsleader Crypto Affiliate Commission Program

With the affiliate system of Bitsleader, you can earn a 50% commission on one referral, which is the most fantastic affiliate program ever in the world of crypto trading bots. You will be eligible to earn this profit when your referral makes a successful purchase.

Furthermore, the buyer will also get a 10% discount if they purchase through the referral link.

How Does Bitsleader Affiliate Program Works?

  • You need to sign up.
  • Fill up your profile and provide your Bitcoin address where Bitsleader will send your earnings. (You can skip it for now).
  • Get your affiliate link. You will be given a unique referral link.
  • Monetize everywhere:
  • Share the link with the world! You can add the link to your blog post, and website, invite your email contacts, make youtube videos, share it on forums, pin it, and tweet it. There is no restriction on sharing your referral link.
  • When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission.

Guide to Grow Your Affiliate Revenue

Build your Affiliate Network

What channels do successful influencers use?

If you already run a blog or website or have a huge following on social media, or YouTube, promoting Bitcoin affiliate programs can be very profitable.

To earn from the Bitsleader referral program, you don’t need to be a YouTube star with hundreds of thousands of subscribers across dozens of social media channels. Just convince your audience, guide them about Bitsleader automated bot and earn as much as you can.

What Channels do Successful Influencers Use?

It has been proven that video content generates new referrals more effectively than any other form of content. Influencers use platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Blogs, and Instagram to build communities of highly engaged and motivated traders.

James shared his experience of using trading bots, with not only triumphs but mistakes as well:

“I featured Bitsgap on my YouTube channel showing my bot trades and strategies and set myself realistic profit goals which I would make video updates on once I achieved them. Although my channel is small, my viewers are what matter to me. I have a responsibility to provide them with useful and truthful content.”

So you can use his experience for Bitsleader earnings.

What is not Allowed in Affiliate Program?

  • Mislead potential customers by providing false information or providing a link designed to deceive them.
  • Earn commission from affiliated accounts that share the same IP, use the same device, or belong to the same household. (Using the platform by relatives including spouse, partner, parent, child, or sibling, or any other family member is allowed, but you will not be qualified for any commission from these payments.)
  • SPAM sent in bulk emails, social networks, chats, messengers, and any other type of communication will lead to account cancellation.
  • Any illegal activity, including fraud, using stolen credentials, or other criminal activities.
  • Any attempt to cheat or abuse our system.
  • Breaching these rules will lead to affiliate account termination. Bitsleader reserve the right to disqualify commissions earned through illegal, fraudulent, or questionable marketing methods.

Be Cautious of Scams in the Crypto Affiliate Marketing Industry

An affiliate program may refuse to verify the commissions that you have earned. That is how most scams work. Perhaps they have an explanation such as the user being from a blacklisted IP address, a country they aren’t dedicated to, or some other attribute that disqualifies them. Also, they might not give you any chance of explanation and deny your commission. The site gains a customer, but you don’t get your referral.

Bits Leader

A crypto trading bot automates your trading strategy. As a result, it reduces the risks to traders and gives them an edge over manual traders. By using a trading bot, you can trade 24x7 without being involved, as it automatically executes orders based on your configured strategy.

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